Mining and Quarries

Teleporter Hire could be your long-term partner in open-pit quarrying. We provide safe, high-performance and effective solutions through versatile and all-terrain machines for any type of ground activity helping to increase productivity.

Teleporters are excellent at all the tasks that are machines can carry out on the ground or in support of open pit mining and quarries.

Logistics & Transport

When it comes transport and logistics professionals, Teleporter Hire has it covered with an extensive range of solutions suited to your needs: industrial or all-terrain telehandlers to transport your supplies from the truck high up in the warehouse shelves.

We also offer attachments which supplement the versatility of our equipment and provide services to make your life easier. These machines are so versatile they can only enhance your performance and improve you logistics handling abilities.


Teleporters are brilliant for the maintenance of existing buildings or infrastructure in any industry. Teleporters have the ability to function as the multi tools often needed in the maintenance and up keep of any industrial complex or site.

At Teleporter Hire we can provide you with the machines, equipment and attachments to maintain all industrial complexes, they are cranes, booms, height, lift, reach and load machines.