A Teleporter is the general term used to describe a certain type of machinery. The machines are effectively a cross between a tractor and a fork-lift. They have traditionally been widely used across industry for their ability to lift and transfer heavy loads within factories, on farms and construction sites.

Operating several transport vehicles, we can usually arrange delivery of your preferred piece of equipment within a matter of hours. Cost of the delivery is dependent on machine size and distance. Call us for a quote on delivery.

The size of machine you may need will depend on things like access restrictions, type of job, and the job requirements. We offer machines that can fit through a door way (yes its true!) all the way to machines that can operate in quarries moving earth, so call us for advice on the machine most suited to your requirements.

The minimum hire period is one day. Some of our larger machines may have a minimum hire period of one week. Please call our hire desk for details.


A weeks is considered to be a working week, Monday to Friday. We have weekend hire rates and day rates. Contact us for details if you want to hire for 3 days or more then a weekly hire charge is cheaper for you than a daily rate.

This would incur a weekend charge on top of your weekly charge. However if you intend to keep the machine into the following week we usually don’t charge for the weekend. (Entirely at our discretion)

Teleporter Hire.ie have a reputation built on two things; speed and quality. We aim to have the tidiest and safest machines and move as quickly as we can to get machines to our hirer’s, and more importantly, react quickly if our customers experience problems with our teleporters.

We can get one of our fitters out to you to replace a track. The cost to do this depends on the time to do the job and distance. Some machines over 8 tonne would cost more.

Insurance of the machine is the hirer’s responsibility. We advise clients obtain their own ‘hired-in’ plant insurance, however for a small hire period, this may not be feasible. In this instance, please contact us for advise on.

We can arrange for a fitter to attend but this cost will be contra charged to you.

If the machine is returned to us with minor scratches we don’t usually charge but if there is any serious damage, dents or scratches to panels, rams or other parts you will be billed for the damage to be repaired.

We keep our hire rates low to benefit you so we cannot absorb the cost of fuel, drivers and the trucks. Other companies may offer free delivery but the cost of the machinery will be more.

Our machines will be delivered to you full of fuel. Your hire cost does not include fuel unless you specifically ask us to include it. You should return the machine full of fuel. If we have to refuel we will charge you to refill the tank.