Cereals & Grains

Do you grow cereal and grain crops? Teleporters provides solutions for cereal and grain growers with the most demanding requirements. Teleporters have developed particularly productive cereal and grain  handling solutions and can accelerate your harvesting process, simply storage of your cereal grains and efficiently handle the results of your work.

So if you need compact telehandlers or heavy-duty teleporters, large capacity buckets and hooks to move big bags, Telepporter Hire have a whole range of solutions to suit your needs


Raising livestock is really hard work and you need machinery that is fully operational on a daily basis. Teleporter Hire have telehandler machinery for handling all manners of livestock management. Teleporters provide you with the productivity, manoeuvrability, simplicity, fuel efficiency, versatility and comfort you need.

With different kinds of compatible teleporter and telehandler attachments such as clamps, forks & grabs or buckets, Teleporter Hire provides you with solutions that target your needs.

Mixed Farming

Mixed farming is an agricultural activity that requires considerable flexibility. At Teleporter Hire we understand this and provide solutions that allow you to easily carry out all of these tasks.

In any single day, a farmer may need to clean out stalls, feed cattle, handle bales, prepare silage, dig out a pond or get straw and hay from the fields. A Teleporter with different attachments will allow you do all these jobs with one single machine.